• Society Benefits

    Society Benefits

    Benefiting Society—Our Commitment to Discharging Our Duty to Society


    Society Benefits

    Since its establishment, Tcmages has been fully committed to discharging its duty to society. In two major health alerts –the SARS outbreak in 2003 and the H1N1 bird flu warning in 2009 – FCG granules were actively involved in prevention activities. When H1N1 was at its peak in 2009, all students of kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools in Shunyi District received preventive FCG granules from Tcmages. Some 240,000 packages of medicine (720,000 doses) were delivered to 142 kindergartens and schools within 72 hours. At the same time, Tcmages organized its staff to monitor the reaction of those taking the preventive medicine and found no cases of adverse reaction.
    Meanwhile, Tcmages is to date the first and only TCM herbal granule enterprise within the sector to have completed large-scale, double-blind comparison clinical tests of Chinese herbal granules. When these products first came on to the market, they faced the dual doubt of their safety and their effectiveness. Taking account of the response from the market and from patients, the company used FCG granules and traditional Chinese prepared materia medica to conduct the first large-sample clinical test under the guidance of Professor CHEN Yixin from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Results indicated no significant difference in clinical effects between FCG granules and decoctions made from prepared material medica. Ensuring product quality through comprehensive quality and processing controls provides the biggest benefit to patients.

    Active Involvement in Disaster Relief

    Society Benefits

    Whether the Wenchuan earthquake or 721 Beijing Flood was involved, our company encouraged staff to become actively involved in contributing to society, thereby awakening all employees’ awareness of their social responsibility and making them realize that in society, or any organization, what we donate is not just love. Even more importantly, the company advocates a corporate culture of survival and altruism.

    Participation in Social Responsibility Events?
    20 October 2011
    Participated in the Second Beijing Pharmaceutical Scientific and Innovation Conference, which guided enterprises to adopt scientific innovation as the driving force to accelerate the speed of transformation of scientific research achievements and facilitate the development of the capital’s pharmaceutical industry.

    28 May to 1 June 2012
    Promoted FCG granules and IR fingerprinting at the First China International Fair for Trade in Services, which helped to make Traditional Chinese Medicine better known in the world and laid a good foundation for TCM standards accessing the international market

    30 May 2012
    WU Bin, general manager of Beijing Tcmages Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., donated 10 million yuan to his alma mater Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. This donation mainly applied to TCM scientific research, laboratory construction and establishing an education specialty for Chinese processed materia medica (pao zhi). In addition to the 10 million yuan donation, Tcmages will also assist the university in setting up an alumnus liaison association with the aim of contacting alumni around the world so as to better serve the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry.

    12 to 13 May 2012
    At the Beijing Chinese Traditional Medicine Culture Publicity Week & Ditan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Culture Festival the general public were encouraged to learn more about selection of raw materials, the processing of traditional Chinese medicines and how traditional decoctions have been transformed into modern herbal granules

    19 to 25 May 2012
    During the National Science and Technology Event Week & Beijing Science and Technology Week with the theme of jointly constructing an innovation-oriented country and the emphasis placed on technology developing alongside daily life and science blending with culture, Beijing Tcmages Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was selected to be an exhibitor in the health section of the food area. Concentrating on the theme of technology developing alongside daily life, we presented FCG granules and our computer-controlled herbal dispensary to the general public in an interactive display.

    31 October 2012
    Social practice team of basic medical school graduate students visited Beijing Tcmages Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
    Co-sponsor of Beijing Medical Health Vocational Skills Competition (Chinese materia medica processing)
    Through visits and practice, training in Chinese materia medica processing continued to develop. Targeting the education of highly-competent talents in materia medica processing enables the old skills to be inherited and further developed.

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